Development of chatbots from scratch, implementation, and technical support.

Here’s how we work:

1. Strategy development

  • we work with you to develop a strategy for your future chatbot based on your goals and create a business proposal that includes the time and cost of implementation.

2. Conversation flow design

  • we define possible user goals and intentions (what users can ask, how to interact with the bot, and how the bot will respond to their actions);
  • together, we define the personality of the chatbot;
  • we create the knowledge base (content) for your chatbot.

3. Prototype development

  • we develop a working prototype;
  • you test the chatbot, and we make necessary adjustments based on your feedback;
  • we continue to gather training data, improve the chatbot, and expand its functionality as new data comes in.

4. Product launch

  • we integrate the chatbot with your platform;
  • we conduct testing to optimize the chatbot;
  • we transfer all rights and instructions to you.

5. Support

  • we teach you or your employees the basics of chatbot training and content editing.

Have questions? Write to us on Telegram or use any other communication channel on the Contacts page.